Some daily journaling

I go on Pinterest basically daily. If not more. They have so much to offer. Workouts, recipes, mental health tips, even hula hooping tips. It’s not a surprise why it’s so addicting. I have a pinned “journal prompting challenge” and although its 21 days into it, I think it’ll be beneficial. So for my first part of this posting… It will be a way to relax.

I relax in many ways & I don’t stay relaxed long. My favorite relaxation exercise is to pick up my hula hoop. I love to hula hoop, it’s discouraging at times, but with a ton of practice, it really makes a difference. I like to throw some music on and hoop my heart out. Often I give up, but I still picked it up & that’s all that matters. ๐Ÿ™‚

Another journal prompt I have written down is 10 things I love.

1.) My daughter. Even though she gets completely on my nerves, I hate the way she sasses me and acts, but occasionally I can see how I used to act, so I’m bitchingat her for being JUST. LIKE. ME. Okay stupid. LOL
2.) My boyfriend. Even though he can completely confuse me, worry me and make me wonder, I still love him and I don’t think he’d do anything to hurt me or our daughter.
3.) Fall + Halloween. My favorite holiday. The smells, the cooler weather, color changes… candy. Decorations… what isn’t to love? I don’t care about the history. I do it for my child.
4.) Bath & Body Works. Can I love this? The scents. The atmosphere. Not the prices but man I still love that store.
5.) Storms, I can absolutely sleep through them. So I love them. They are relaxing *excluding tornadoes.
6.) Books. I love to read but sometimes I’m so wound up in my internet addiction that I don’t read. When I should. I really do love books.
7.) Cooking. I love trying new recipes, spices, etc.
8.) I know this is weird but I absolutely love the smell of cleaning products, laundry soap, shampoos, etc. I know it’s weird, but I’m weird so.
9.) My family. Especially my father. He does so much for me. I could never forget him on this list.
10.) Food. Obviously.

My next little challenge of the day is 5 ways to win my heart. If I was single, this is how you could win my heart.
1.) Cuddle me often. I love cuddling, and I won’t lie. I have weird attachment issues. I feel so safe with my boyfriend.
2.) Show me you care. My boyfriend has COUNTLESS times and situations where he’s shown his love for me. I was super sickly once in high school with strep. It was cold, a wintery night & ย he went to my favorite Chinese place (mind you he did not drive yet, so he walked down the street) If that’s not love, I don’t know what to tell you what is.
3.) Don’t buy me flowers. Flowers die. Unless they’re fake, which again, my boyfriend has done ๐Ÿ˜‰
4.) Be like my boyfriend? LOL
5.) Don’t lie to me. About anything. If you don’t like how I look, tell me. If I look like I’m dirty, tell me. I don’t want to look dirty.

I think my last little writing challenge will be the end of this.
5 things wrong with social media.

1.) Social media is wrong with social media. We go around the city, god knows where. Think about it, picture it. Concerts, movies, playgrounds with our kids, places with out kids, you name it… we all have smart phones. We’re addicted. Social media is an addiction. As much as I love social media, I am 100% addicted and often put things off because I’m on it FAR too much. Wake up. Don’t look at your phone. Smell some fresh air. It’s okay to go on social media, but not okay to do it as much as we do it.
2.) People put everything on social media. Your child is naked and pooping on the toilet? *click of a camera* *Posts to Facebook* No, no ya’ll. No.
3.) It can cause bad incidents to happen if you’re meeting up with strangers. DO NOT meet strangers alone.
4.) It can cause problems if you’re a parent. Bullying, sexual encounters (predators), etc.
5.) It’s too easily accessible for your kids. Don’t allow them to have social media unless they are responsible and you’re responsible enough to look at it daily and make sure they’re being careful.


See ya’ll tomorrow. Blessings.


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