My daily posting. Almost Thursday ;)

I’m doing so many fun challenges I found on Pinterest and they’re so fun and I’m sure no one reads them but I don’t care or mind 🙂 My daily goal to journal is successful so far on day 2. I usually give up after a day 😉

31 day challenge:
1. Sounds I enjoy
-Thunderstorms, rain.
-Birds chirping


Day 2 of my 30 day writing challenge….
My earliest memory was when I was living in my old house and I got into the cupboards into a bag of flour. I barely remember it, but there I was sitting on the kitchen floor, covered in flour. Screaming due to my mom saying I had to take a bath. I think I was evil.


This challenge is something I feel strongly about. I feel strongly about mental health awareness. People who don’t have mental health issues judge and don’t understand the struggles. If your mother has cancer, and you’re concerned for her yet you’re not concerned for your sister who has depression, there is an issue there. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean someone isn’t struggling with it. Same goes for anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality, etc. Be kind to people, you never know wht they’re dealing with.


This daily September journal prompt is something not to worry about. I really need to stop worrying about things I cannot change or cannot control. This includes a long list of things, but I worry about tons of things I cannot control or change. 😦


In 10 years I’d like to be well into my teaching degree. I’m hoping to have a better control over my mental health. I hope to be healthy in all aspects. In 10 years, Bella would be 16…. I pray she is a good student, gets good grades and chooses the right thing. I don’t care if she has appropriate fun, but I really hope she chooses to be better than I was in high school.  I hope I’m living in a nice house with a nice car.


Basically, in shortened form….people always tell me how kind I am and I rarely see it but I always appreciate hearing it.




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