Love Myself

I really don’t want to do this, so it means I should. It’s a 28 day love yourself challenge BUT I am going to do all 28 things right now. Right here. Let’s go.

About myself… my name is Danielle. I was born and raised in Omaha, where I still reside. I was born on Pearl Harbor Day – Dec 7th, 1989 at a hospital that is no longer the same. I was born to Susan and Richard. I had brown hair, brown eyes and I remember being pretty chubby from photos. My mother has another daughter who is my half sister, Ashley. I am 26 years old currently. I work at a children’s museum. I don’t drive quite yet but plan to, especially with work. I have 1 daughter. I had her with my current boyfriend of nearly TEN years. High school sweethearts, if you will.I  do not speak to my mom but speak to my dad daily and see him several times a week. I still have brown eyes. I have reddish brown hair, that I have dyed numerous times. (I need a hair cut.) I am approximately 5’3 and approximately 125 pounds. Some say I’m skinny but I have body dysmorphia issues some days. Some say I’m crazy or mentally ill, I say neither. I have anxiety & depression and am on a medication to handle both. Since I have started the medication, things aren’t as bad. 🙂 I go to therapy once a week. I wear size 5 bottoms (or medium), size small or medium shirts and size 8 shoes. I am rather tiny. A tiny little ninja. 😉 Anyways, my personality consists pretty much of either being a crazy bitch, a kind fairy or a whiny asshole. Gotta love me 😉

What do I love physically most about myself? My eyes. You can see pain, anguish, happiness, etc in the eyes. Eyes are important.

I love how kind I am because it makes life easier (sometimes.)

I need to forgive myself for being promiscuous in the past.

Kind, lovely, pretty – 3 words that my friends may describe me as 🙂

I think I’m really good at writing. I just enjoy it and seem to have fun doing it, therefore… I love it.

My family (boyfriend included) and I think it’s explanatory why.

Someone that greatly motivates/inspires me is a singer named Halsey. She is beautiful with a gorgeous singing voice. She has gone through so much shit, plus she is bipolar. She’s easily relatable because she struggles with mental health issues, but she is a strong ass woman. Her strength is just admirable.

“Thou she be but little, she is fierce.” William Shakespeare

I over think things.

If I could go anywhere in the world RIGHT NOW I’d want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando at Universal Studios.

Most of these include me taping photos and stuff to my journals, so this is the written part 😉


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