TGIF, yet I work tomorrow…

Thought I would get my journaling in done πŸ™‚ My mood… anxious! I start work tomorrow. First day. I have my khakis, my work shirt, my padlock and lunches figured out yet I still feel like I need to be anxious! Ugh! It sucks so bad I just wanna go to sleep or hide or something! I can’t let anxiety win. I can’t let it take me over. So instead, I am choosing to journal, be happy and fold + put away laundry as my first goals πŸ™‚

Day 3 fun challenge

I don’t discuss my love life much. My first kiss was with some kid named Jonathan. He kissed like shit. Spit all over my face… and tried to sleep with me. I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL. No, I wasn’t all about that. Sex? In middle school? What am I a prostitot? No way. Anyways, my first love is my current boyfriend and he’s just the bees knees. There’s no way to explain what he means to me. No way to put it in words… he’s my rock.


So day 3 on this challenge is a book I love. Do you realize how difficult this is for me? Okay, I’ll make it simple. Even though it’s written pretty poorly, I love Fifty Shades of Grey. I love books, but I have reread that one enough to write my own personal version of it.


I like this challenge. 3 good thoughts. I have a lot of negative thoughts today, nervous, anxious… all because I start work tomorrow. So I think i will do a few sections of 3 good thoughts…

About work
1.) I wanted this job badly, now I have it. I am awesome for getting it.
2.) I will get used to it and it will go smoothly.
3.) I may be overwhelmed, but it will be fun and an amazing experience.

About anxiety
1.) I may be anxious BUT it WILL pass.
2.) It’s not a permanent feeling, even if it doesn’t feel good.
3.) It’s OKAY to be anxious sometimes.

About my life currently
1.) I am beautiful.
2.) I am smart.
3.) I am not stupid, I can do this.

About today
1.) Although I feel terrible, again, it is a temporary feeling.
2.) I will be just fine.
3.) I am alive.


My views on drugs and alcohol
Alcohol is fine. If you’re smart about it, alcohol can be a fun time. You don’t have to be completely wasted to have fun. Other than that, I have nothing to say about it but drugs… Drugs ruin lives. I think drugs are disgusting, including pot. I will absolutely NEVER TOUCH drugs. No way. My cousin touched drugs and I see where her kids are now (ones a mentally ill child and ones a drug addicted 15 year old… cmon…) I have NOTHING else to say on either topic.


My 3 pet peeves

1.) People who slurp their food.
2.) People who chew like cows.
3.) Really high pitched noises.






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