Almost forgot to journal today.

Bulleting my whole day

  • Woke up
  • Ate breakfast with Bella
  • Got ready for work and left and worked 8:30-5:30
  • Came home, cooked dinner
  • Cleaned the house up
  • Relaxed

Had a busy day but wasn’t going to detail it all lol…

Ten fun facts about me
1.) I hula hoop. Not just hula hoop around my waist. Tricks, knee, legs, and working on shoulder/chest hooping 😉
2.) I have a weird habit of peeling my finger nail polish off.
3.) I’m obsessed with playing with my hair.
4.) I’m lowkey the weirdest person you’ve ever met.
5.) I’ve never smoked cigarettes or marijuana, so that’s “interesting”
6.) I sleep with my puppy every night. I  hate it lol.
7.) I wanna Miley Cyrus was like she was on Hannah Montana again.
8.) I hate feet.
9.) I pick scabs.
10.) I like pickle juice. 😉

I really want to try raw sushi because of the craze but I’m super terrified to do so… because raw fish.

Views on Religion

I have absolutely no views on religion. There is that…

Five places I want to visit
1.)Wizarding World of Harry Potter, because duh.
2.) Ireland.
3.) Poland.
4.) Italy
5.) France


Starting a new challenge today… Gratitude Challenge
1.) One smell I am grateful today is fresh air. Being stuck at the museum all day gave me no complaints but I missed outside air.


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