12 Questions to ask yourself to declutter your life!

  1. When did I wear or use this last?
  2. Why am I keeping this?
  3. Do I LIKE this?
  4. Is this a “just in case” item?
    -Get rid of just in case items.
  5. How many of this do I have?
    -Throw away extras
  6. Am I keeping this out of obligation or expectation?
    -Declutter these items.
  7. How many uses do this have?
    -Throw away items that have only one purpose.
  8. Do I have other items that do what this item does?
  9. Is this worth keeping?
  10. Am I keeping this to try to like it or to force myself to like it?
    -If not, toss it!
  11. Does this have any sort of value to me?
    -If not, toss it! Or donate.
  12. How much space does it take up?

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